Reggae, Dancehall, Trap

Royalty Is A Musician Artist, Entrepreneur, Investor, Negotiator, Producer, Songwriter. Front and Backend, Web Engineer/Developer, UI and UX Web and Graphic Designer.
Royalty is the CEO and founder of OKSOCIAL A digital music streaming social media platform that is base in Canada a music industry digital platform that aim to connect music creators and their digital contents with the right digital audience.
Additionally Royalty is the CEO and Founder of GroupieWire. A music Record Label and production company that provides digital music mastering, distribution, publishing, sync licensing, content monetization and data analytics dashboard.
Founder of OSMusic a product of the OS digital family software, A digital music streaming platform that gives users the ability to stream the music cloud and listen to live radio, podcast, playlist and DM with artist, record labels and fans worldwide.
Founder of OSVid a music video streaming platform that provides monetization and content marketing ability OSVID is a place where fans and music creators go to connect and share music related videos, interviews, reviews, Live and feedbites, artist Live stream.

As an artist I write music that speaks to the conscious and unconscious mind. I create conscious music that can reform and emancipate the mind of the unconscious. You will almost subconsciously feel the instant connection when listening.

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CEO & Co-Founder


I compose Intellectual and Inspirational music genre. Reggae, !

Future Endaevours

Dancehall, Afrobeat mix with a hint of Trap and a hint of Rap music.!

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Reggae, Dancehall, Trap and Afro Music and UX & UI Web content creator


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