Let Me Know - Music Release by Royalty

Every generation pose to craft unique, something better to the table. if we learn to embrace, new music style and new sound that speak for the coulture no matter where we are in the world, there are unlimited quantity of music elements waiting to be discover and energies. So I decided to craft a new soundflow consider it a small sound upgrade to reggae and dancehall this is necessary to keep the legacy of both reggae and dancehall genre alive in this coming new world in which we are currently heading, in order to keep the music and the voice alive from the legends such as bob marley and garnet silk that came contribute and gone I'm optimistic to new and great ideas so there are always room for growth and improvement to our great jamaican music foundations and music culture worldwide. Respect due forever to those that came and contribute.

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Mind over Matter - Music Release by Royalty

Royalty say "A new king was born, A better version of me yesterday." Royalty is a confident artist that is currently based in Toronto, Canada and is in the process of releasing his E.P titled Love and Light as well as his revolutionary album title Royal Priesthood. that are also in the making. I likes to be humble while shining the light on the truth and shining some light so that truth can prevail. You will almost subconsciously feel the instant connection when listening to Royalty "High-definition" a flawless and unique voice that spits some truth in his new single "Pleading", followed by his second titled Ride or Die that's speaks about economic, self empowerment. that are currently available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music etc. Royalty getting ready to release his 3rd song titled Lockdown Pandemic, that speaks about, Birthright, moral laws, freewill, tarcacy, demarcy and the current pandemic lockdown..

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Ride or Die - Music Release by Royalty

The Inspiration for the creation of Pleading the single came about because of the police brutality and injustice that is currently on the rise. I answer a calling and now my mission is to shine the light and the truth must be told. That follow the shinglight shall overcome I have a strong passion and attraction for positive and meaningful music vibration, my top 3 music genre are Reggae, Dancehall and Rap. I write music that speaks to your conscious and subconscious mind, body, spirit and emotions. I enquire, manifest and preserve the history of truth and now in the present moment I'm able to utilize my GOD given time, energy, capability and my birthright talent that are engraved in my essence to create conscious music that can reform and emancipate the mind of the mental dead that are lost in the diaspora and still in slumber. You're witnessing greatness in the making, I'm fully conscious and woken with the knowledge of self and fully equipped with the wisdom and understanding of the music world..

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